Current Lab Members

Lab Director

Prof. Mia K. Markeymia-markey

Professor, Biomedical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
Engineering Foundation Endowed Faculty Fellow in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Adjunct Professor, Imaging Physics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

More information about Prof. Markey is available: CV, LinkedIn, ORCID, and ResearchGate.

If you are a current UT Austin student and wish to talk to Prof. Markey, utilize her walk-in office hours ( or sign-up for an appointment ( Do not send email; go to office hours or sign up for an appointment.

Former students and lab members should follow these directions to request a letter of reference.

If you are interested in joining the lab, follow the directions for Prospective Lab Members. Inquiries that are not submitted as instructed on the Prospective Lab Members page will not be processed.

For all other inquiries, please call Prof. Markey’s administrative associate.

Current Lab Members (Summer 2019)

Graduate Students

     screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-12-00-09-pmAndrew Stier  
(Co-supervisor: James Tunnell)
screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-12-19-29-pmYao Zhang 
(Co-supervisor: James Tunnell)

Sungsoo Kim 
(Co-supervisor: Al Bovik)
Krista Nicklaus
(Co-supervisor: Greg Reece)

Kiernan Akers
(Co-supervisor: Manuel Rausch)

Haoqi Wang (rotation student)

Undergraduate Students

  • Eloise Jewett
  • James Lu
  • Daelon Morais
  • Mayna Nguyen
  • Eduardo Saul Ruiz

Affiliated Staff


Current lab members can access the UT BMIL Lab Manual

Current or former trainees can request a letter of reference using the UT BMIL Reference Request